Bayut Now Speaks Arabic, a leading Dubai real estate portal, now speaks Arabic. With this Arabic version, has become more user friendly for all native Arabic speakers in the UAE, as well as the MENA region.

Arabic is spoken by nearly 300 million people around the globe and along with that, it is also the official language of 27 states, making it the third most widely spoken and understood language in the world. With the new Bayut Arabic website, the company will be able to assist investors from the MENA region and other Arabic speaking states more efficiently since UAE and Dubai real estate has become the top investment choice for people from this part of the world, especially after the Arab Spring.

Although has a worldwide clientele and is also used extensively by UAE nationals, the portal wishes to get everyone on board and not let the language barrier keep anyone from availing its highly targeted services. Instead of going for literal translations Bayut has sought the services of professional translators, making the use of the Arabic version of the site, a more efficient and user friendly experience for its Arabic speaking members.

For ensuring stability and growth of the UAE real estate in general and Dubai real estate in particular, Bayut shares a similar vision with all the concerned UAE bodies. The portal plays its role by ensuring that the buyers, sellers, renters, and developers in Dubai stay abreast of the industry and find the best solutions for their real estate related needs.

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