Would You Go Back to the 80s?

If you lived throught the 80‘s you are sure to remember the VHS cassette tape, big shoulder pads and even bigger hair, and though Blue-Ray has replaced the VHS, fashion has a way of making its way back around every few decades stirring up fond memories for the long gone decade. Just look at the clothes your kids are wearing now.

South Africa’s Property24, has immersed itself in eighties nostalgia for its brand new ‘Leave the Eighties Behind’ advertising campaign, which celebrates the convenience brought about by technological innovation.

The campaign, which comprises television adverts, online banners and a customised social media application, casts a spotlight on a decade defined by perms, Punk and Pac-Man.

Following on from the success of its first television advertising endeavour in 2011/2012, Property24 brings a new campaign highlighting some of the ways in which house hunting has been simplified in the digital era. This is done through taking a nostalgic and humourous look at a number of iconic eighties trends.

“Our aim in creating this campaign was to emphasise the incredible convenience afforded to house hunters in the modern era as a result of online portals like Property24,” explains JP Farinha, Property24’s General Manager. “At the same time, we’ve retained the fun, slightly edgy tone that resonated so strongly with audiences over the course of our previous TV campaign, and hope to enjoy similar elevated levels of brand awareness as a result.”

According to the property listings giant, its first foray into above-the-line communications enjoyed immense success, with the number of unique browsers accessing the portal increasing by over 200,000 over the course of its airing.

For its 2013 campaign, Property24 once again worked with Cape Town-based agency, Fox P2, to create a series of three ads, which will air on DStv over the coming months. Employing a similar, quirky tone, the ads feature a number of familiar eighties scenarios, to which many viewers can easily relate.

“All three ads are set in South African suburbia as it was in the eighties, sending up familiar characters and low-tech gadgets like answering machines, which enjoyed immense popularity at the time,” explains Farinha. “Everyone involved in the production really went all out to recreate the eighties era, and the result is something we’re really excited for audiences to see.”

The television campaign will be complemented by a series of online banner ads, as well as a customised Facebook application, which will allow users to take an interactive trip down memory lane.

The app will take the form of an eighties arcade game, and enable users to select items from the decade that they’d like to see left in the past. Participants stand a chance to win a number of more modern prizes, including a Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phone, a state-of-the-art Dell laptop, an Apple iPad and a number of retro iPhone Covers.

Would you really go back to the 80’s after being exposed to such fabulous technology today? Think not. ‘Leave the Eighties Behind’ indeed.


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