TopProducer Integrates Dropbox & Google

Top Producer, one of North America’s leading providers of marketing and lead generation systems for Real Estate Professionals, has announce new features to its service.

In the company's first major release for 2013, Top Producer focused on helping agents be more efficient with their data by providing an easier way to merge duplicate contacts as well as managing their online documents via Dropbox and Google Drive in one convenient location.

Often the real estate process starts with an inquiry and then follows a path of collaboration with an agent until the customer closes on a property. In the days after a listing is signed or a contract is written, there are more, not less communications between customer and agents. Because legal and contractual agreements are in play, the communications become detailed and documents become important to track and associate with your client.

Keep All Customer Data In One Place

Some of the company's customers pointed out that they are managing all their notes and communications with Top Producer but had to go elsewhere to track the associated documents. Now Top Producer's customers can have everything they need to manage the transaction through the new integration with document storage solutions they use most.  The integration with Dropbox and Google Drive allows them to attach files to their contacts.

Get Rid Of Duplicate Contacts And Add Action Plans From Anywhere

Another new feature on the latest Top Producer release is a simple and powerful duplicate contact check so that users can easily combine contacts without losing any data. The company has also added the ability to apply action plans from the user's mobile device allowing them to schedule immediate and meaningful follow-up for all their clients the second they get off the phone with them! Smarter lead alerts help keep you on target to make the right connection at the right time.

"Top Producer's new integration with Dropbox and Google Drive was a natural progression for us that was based on social conversations and client feedback." says Audie Chamberlain, Head of Social Media for and Top Producer."

The company will be hosting webinars on the new Top Producer and all that it can do for customers and their businesses:

Top Producer Systems is operated by Move, Inc., the leader in online real estate.


  1. How the hell is this news? And how is ‘Zillow now signs another client’ as news. You guys are getting lazy. Did Top Producer pay u guys?

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