MagicBricks’s New Year Social App Goes Viral has been very proactive in connecting with its users, not just on their website, but on social media as well – becoming one of the pioneers in the Indian context of reaching out to its users on Facebook.

Having clocked over 45K likes, the Facebook page of sees a lot of activity, both from buyers and sellers, and serves as a valuable launch pad and feedback platform for gaining instant user insight and response.

In order to build brand connect and to engage this follower base, decided to launch a topical app aimed at the New Year – one that would enable users to “make a New Year resolution.” But the app came with a twist.

Since most people tend to forget New Year resolutions, the app came with a promise that it would help people remember their resolutions right through 2013, by periodically posting their resolutions back on their timelines. The app was therefore appropiately named “My Abiding Resolutions 2013.”

My Abiding Resolutions of 2013, was launched in December 2012 and according to the company, response snowballed within just a few days of its launch. The active users of the app came from all parts of India & abroad and direct campaign influencers were over 400,000. Participants range across all age groups, from 13 to 60 years of age.

Explaining the idea behind the app, Sudhir Pai, Business Head, explained, “We positioned My Abiding Resolutions 2013 as an attempt to ‘Build a Relationship’ and become part of our user's most intimate wishes. Resolutions were completely open ended and not necessarily linked to anything specific to”

“The overarching brand assurance was  - will help you "not forget" your important resolutions or dreams. Based on user permission, the app will repost the commitment to each user’s wall periodically. This will also give us opportunity to engage with these users with defined frequency in future.” Sudhir Pai added.

A voting leader board was created in the app itself so that users can search, view & vote for their favorite resolutions. Scores to decide the winners were displayed in realtime – ensuring transparency, as also promised on In addition, a dedicated friends corner gave opportunity to participants to invite their friends to vote for them & generated some interesting interactions among participants.

Here are some Winning Voices of “Resolute” Participants:

Nidhi Bansal’s resolution: To provide free education to at least 25 students.

“This app is fantastic and really appreciable. It is really very easy to operate it and also the most ‘wowsum’ thing is cover photo behind every resolution. It gave a really awesome look, overall loved it. I think 3 friends already voted for me. Love & proud to be a part of this initiative by”

Soni Shashi’s resolution: To make myself well insured so that my family does not have to worry when I am not there.

“This is a very good app from Many of my friends have also participated in this contest and we all competed to win. I made this resolution because I am a financial advisor and know the value of insurance.”

Rinky Mehta’s resolution: I will try to stay away from internet.

“Came to know about this wonderful application through the newspaper. I never ever saw a contest like this. I made this resolution because I used to spend a lot of time surfing internet and now I have glasses on my eyes.”

Abbas Ali Arif’s resolution: Help towards creating a better society with justice & equality for all specially women.

“This is a really good initiative from I made this resolution because I really want to follow it.”

While the last date for submitting entries for the competition was 15th Jan, the app will remain live – reinforcing convictions and resolutions throughout the year. The list of Winners of the competition and their Unique Resolutions are available here.



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