Prudential Accepts Bids Online

Prudential California Realty in Norther California ( has unveiled the ability for a consumer to make an online offer on local IDX listings on their website. The new feature is located on every property details page, and according to the company, Prudential is the first to offer the online bidding option.

Prudential California Realty is able to Make an Offer feature to its users because of its recent partnership with RealtyBid, which provides the innovative online bidding platform to the company.

“Like other popular bid sites, we see our Make an Offer feature as a way to break down barriers, remove the physical limitations of geography, time, presence and space, and open up the listings to a global audience,” said Gretchen Pearson, President of Prudential California Realty, Pearson Properties. “We are the first, but think this method will soon become the industry standard for making offers, and that others will fall in lockstep, as it is in line with consumer demand, saves time and makes it easier for everyone in the process.”

According to the National Association of Realtors, nearly 90 percent of consumers start the home buying process online, and 40 percent first learned about the home they purchased on the Internet.

Consumers can search through thousands of homes for sale in the Bay Area and Sacramento, all of which have a Make an Offer option. Once clicked, they are guided through a three-step offer verification process, and then digitally sign the offer online, making it bona fide. From that point forward, offers are presented to sellers in the same manner that they typically would be. Buyers benefit from the service by being able to make an offer at any time and from any place. Sellers benefit because they now get their home exposed to a worldwide audience of buyers who can make offers on their home online.


  1. The company statement is not entirely correct regarding being the 1st to have a ‘Make an offer’ feature. actually launched in August 2011 with this feature as part of every ‘Contact owner’ form.

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