Marketing: A Demographic of One

Marketing has been around forever, in one form or another. Ever since early man first started trading around the campfire, marketing was used in the form of stories in order to convince other humans to trade. We have come a long way since then, as has marketing.

Today, one of the newest approaches to marketing is eMarketing. Very simply put, eMarketing or electronic marketing refers to the application of marketing principles and techniques via electronic media and more specifically via the Internet.

Property portals and franchises have been using emails to blast out into the internet alerts on houses for sale, apartments for rent and open house times, with little feedback coming back from the thousands of emails going out.

One of the companies changing that is CAV: eMarketing which now offers property portals and franchise groups a turnkey solution intended to change all that. The solution is a simple one, if agents know who opens email brochures, what properties they look at, and how long they look at them for, then reports can be generated which provide agents actionable information.

If for example, an agent knows that John Smith looked at only properties on Main Street, and they were all between 400K-500K, then the agent can target those types of listings when he calls John Smith to give more information on the properties or perhaps to let him know when an open house is scheduled.

“It makes for a much more targeted approach to eMarketing and helps reduce the ‘digital noise’, which has become too prevalent.” Says Marcus Freeman, General Manger of CAV: eMarketing. “Once potential clients blocks an email, it’s nearly impossible to get them back, the trick is to only give them information they want and need when they need it”

Targeted customisable eMarketing, where the demographic is one person... it’s a long way from the campfires of times gone by.

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