UK’s DPG Breaks the 15k Customer Number

Due to its recent intense growth spur, the Digital Property Group has now more than 15,000 paying members. The 15,000th member was Fulham based Glenthorne Properties Ltd. Pictured is Director, Stephen Giddings, with DPG Account Manager Daniel Jenkins.

Since this time last year, DPG has increased its total number of paid branches by 3,500, which represents a 29% growth1. This is compared to Rightmove’s reported 1% total customer growth in 20112. The number of agents who list with DPG now equates to 90% of those who list with Rightmove.

Greg Bryce, Commercial Director, DPG, commented: “In the last 12 months we have added over 3,500 paying members, with over 225 in the last week alone. In addition, we are delivering record enquiries as our agents and developers along with consumers benefit from our sites”.

The agent and developer enquiries growth over the first three months of 2012 equates to a 40% increase3 and was driven by sustained TV advertising, with both and being advertised on TV since the start of 2012.

Greg continues: “With the new customer growth, the number of properties on our websites has also increased, and now exceeds 1m4, giving more choice than ever before”.

“With another significant burst of advertising for commencing on Sunday 29th April, we expect enquiries to our customers to increase even further, delivering continued value to those customers who list on DPG,” Greg concluded.






1, 3, 4– DPG Internal data, April 2012

2 – Rightmove Annual Report, February 2012.

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