Record Results for Q1 2012 Posted by Kyero claims Q1 2012 was the biggest quarter ever for the company. The portal showed dramatic increases in seven key areas, from its performance in Q1 2011.

  • Enquiries: +42%
  • Unique enquirers: +30%
  • Property page views: +23%
  • Web referrals: +36%
  • Raw visits: +42%
  • Overall page views: +33%
  • Visitors: +41%

The average increase across all metrics was +35%

Martin Dell, Managing Director of commented on this robust start to the year: “Our continued development and focus on organic search results has resulted in this incredible growth in raw traffic. Despite the overall decrease in internet searches for Spanish property, Kyero has been able to improve its Google rankings and grow its traffic.”

The company claims that its focus on supporting multiple languages has also made it possible to capture non-English search traffic.

This year, Kyero plans to increase the number of languages supported from nine to 30. “This should further enhance Kyero’s position as the leader in online marketing to foreign property buyers.” Concluded Dell.

When Kyero is done adding languages to its site, it’ll end up look something like this.

Global gateway 2

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