Property Portal Watch Workshop – 31st July

The Property Portal Watch Workshop is on again.  This workshop brings together the owners and operators of property portals around the world for a full day of discussing the key issues facing their businesses.

The approach is a workshop with around 10 - 12 short presentations on a range of issues.  These are a combination of panel sessions and individual presentations.  It is a highly interactive session with all attendees encouraged to ask questions and participate.

Presenters will include Brian Requarth, the CEO and Founder of Viva Real in Brazil, Jason Doyle, the VP for in the US, and Simon Baker, the former CEO and MD of the REA Group and now the Executive Chairman of CAV Investment Holdings (a serial investor in property portals).  More speakers will be announced shortly.

We average over 100 attendees from both mature and emerging markets.  We already have attendees signed up from Ireland, the US, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, India, Spain and Nigeria.

This full day workshop is associated with the Real Estate Connect conference put on by the Inman Connect team. We will be offering discounted access to this 3 day conference shortly.

Historically the Property Portal Watch Workshop has been free. However we are keen to improve the experience this year and have decided to charge a nominal amount of US$150 for attendees. This covers the room, projector, wifi, and lunch. Just register on the link below and we will send you an invoice. (Not exactly a slick process but it works!)

If you have any questions, please contact us on

Register Now for only US$150

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