Trulia/Better Homes and Gardens Partnership

Trulia.comannounced a new marketing partnership with Better Homes and Gardens Mason-McDuffie Real Estate, one of the largest real estate firms in the country, with offices across northern California.

Ed Krafchow, Chairman and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Mason-McDuffie Real Estate said: “In our work with Trulia, we are building a consortium of agents, brokers and consumers to come together in the best interest of the consumers.”

“We believe helping the consumer get the information they want is the right thing to do for the consumer. With its reach, Trulia will provide our listings with extensive exposure. For these reasons, I am excited about working with Trulia,” added Krafchow.

Krafchow says the industry is entering a third phase in the real estate business. In the first phase, brokers owned the business, in the second, the agent owned the business, and “in this third phase, I believe consumers will come to own part of the business,” he says.

As part of the agreement, Better Homes and Gardens Mason-McDuffie Real Estate will receive prominent placement and brand exposure for their property listings on Trulia. More than 20 million* home buyers, sellers and renters come to Trulia each month.

“Trulia’s goal is to bring agents, brokers and consumers together,” said Georg Gerstenfeld, VP of Business Services at Trulia. “We are excited to partner with Better Homes and Gardens Mason-McDuffie Real Estate to support their efforts to grow and expand the reach of their listings.”

* Omniture, February 2012

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