Move’s HyperSocial™ Tools Now Live

Moves’s proprietary HyperSocial™ agent search technology, which was in beta on since January, are now live. The tools connect potential property buyers with participating agents based on shared connections and mutual affiliations, as well as online communities and networks such as Facebook, Foursquare, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter.

HyperSocial™ Agent Profile Pages are mobile-enabled pages viewable from desktops and most mobile devices. Through social graphing technology, the HyperSocial™ Agent Profiles surface mutual connections, extended relationships, and shared interests by layering the social networks of agents and consumers. These agent profiles, which serve as safe places for agents to direct their clients for all relevant contact information in one convenient location.

HyperSocial™ Agent Recommendations live within each HyperSocial™ Agent Profile as an agent branded URL and is an easy way for clients to share a recommendation an agent has earned without any registration requirements.  Recommendations are reviewed and approved for display by each agent, and can be manually or automatically broadcasted to the agent's online network from one central hub with one easy click. When the recommendation URL is emailed or texted, users are directed back to the agent's HyperSocial™ Agent Profile featuring other key agent information.

The tools build on technology which Move brought on board through its acquisition of social media search platform SocialBios last July. SocialBios co-founders Ernie Graham, Ira McMahon and Andrew Van Tassel joined Move's product development team.

“When we acquired SocialBios last year, we knew we were getting some serious talent. These guys understood social media, but more importantly, they understood how it can really work in real estate.” Said Move Creative Director Amit Kulkarni in his blog post.

The three "didn't just slap the word 'Facebook' on something, put a shiny bow on it and shove it out the door," said Kulkarni, announcing HyperSocial's emergence from beta testing; "what they did was build a tool that takes the fundamental principles of a successful real estate business and apply those tried and true concepts to the social space."

“What they’ve built is BEAUTIFUL.” Concluded Kulkarni.

The tools are free for EVERY agent, and they’re easy to get and easy to use. Click here for more information.

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