HotPads Spruces Up its Maps

The map-based real estate search engine,, listing homes for sale, apartments, condos, and rental houses, has announced the roll out of a new version of their U.S. map.

The new spruced up maps are a big update for the website, which the company has undertaken in hopes to make its visitors'  experience on HotPads faster, cleaner, and much more meaningful.

Over the last few months, the company claims to has been testing colour schemes which would make their maps crisper, cleaner and easier to navigate; focusing in particular on map details such as bodies of water, parks, bike trails, bridges, road signs, and city streets, making certain that these details are stand out from the listings.

The company also stated that significant speed improvements were implemented, allowing maps to load much faster and to generate dynamically as the user moves around. This was achieved by reducing the file size of each map tile (the squares which make up digital maps); with nearly a billion map tiles and 16 zoom levels, this was a quite the undertaking.

HotPads also announced that, it would continue using OpenStreetMap, an open source maps created by hundreds of thousands of contributors from around the globe, and the proverbial 'Wikipedia' of maps.




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