zoopla.co.uk Chasing rightmove.co.uk


UK market leader rightmove.co.uk is touting new Hitwise figures that show it was the eighth busiest website in the country during January 2011. Meanwhile, zoopla.co.uk has just released figures that place it second in the UK market.

The Hitwise list released by rightmove.co.uk ranks the top 10 UK websites for January in terms of page views as follows:

1. Facebook
2. Google UK
3. eBay UK
4. YouTube
5. Yahoo!
6. Amazon
8. rightmove.co.uk
9. BBC News
10. Badoo

rightmove.co.uk says it ended January with 800 million pages served and registered over 30 million page impressions on Monday 24 January, toppling previous records of 29 million pages on Monday 17 January and 28.3 million pages on Monday 10 January.

The portal adds that its eighth place ranking is an improvement over January 2010, when it was ranked 15th, and says the same list has zoopla.co.uk in 98th place, findaproperty.com in 125th, and primelocation.com in 193rd.

Along with the Hitwise ranking, rightmove.co.uk is also highlighting the results of The Property Academy Home Mover Trends Survey, which found the portal wast "used repeatedly" by 69 percent of home buyers. The full results of the survey were as follows:


For its part, zoopla.co.uk is also highlighting its 98th place ranking and pointing to UKOM Nielsen data that place it in front of findaproperty.com and primelocation.com in terms of unique visitors.

The Nielsen ranking, which covers unique visitors for December 2010, is as follows:

1. rightmove.co.uk: 2,350,000
2. zoopla.co.uk: 1,034,000
3. findaproperty.com: 852,000
4. primelocation.com: 656,000

zoopla.co.uk adds that the number of leads it sent to its member agents is up 368 percent since last January, but did not give a total. The release of these figures comes after a busy few weeks at the portal, which has just released a listing archive and struck a deal to power the listings of Archant property website homes24.co.uk.


  1. Zoopla are doing a good job noted but when they stop spending millions on advertising etc will they remain in a good position we’ve seen so many go up and down for example fish for homes and google

  2. Zoopla are doing extremely well considering they are only 3 years in, but they still have a way to go to top rightmove.

  3. It was interesting that after Christmas when the likes of Rightmove, Find a Property and Prime Location were not spending big Zoopla launched a massive TV advertising campaign which can obviously be contributed to its success.

  4. Zoopla are also showing a 117% year-on-year growth with a 22% market share.

  5. rightmove is in such a strong position i dont really see them moving from top spot.

    people in the uk know to go to rightmove due to vast numbers of properties and easy to use site

  6. Be interesting to see RM’s figures without the visits from agents included, doubt there’d be much of a gap then!

  7. Zoopla are growing fast, I predict they will soon rival Rightmove when it comes to the UK market. It will be interesting to see how they evolve as more and more Online Estate Agencies appear on the market.

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