gohome.com.hk Teams with on.cc


gohome.com.hk, the Hong Kong arm of the iProperty portal network, has teamed up with the flagship online portal of Oriental Press Group to create a new property search website.

Oriental Press' on.cc is now connected to property.on.cc, which offers users the ability to search gohome.com.hk's listings. In a statement on asiamediajournal.com, on.cc explains that it is also providing content such as property news, analysis, and transaction records to the new section.

"We are very excited to secure gohome.com.hk as our long-term strategic content provider, thus providing value-added services to our users as well as increasing the exposure for gohome.com.hk's property listings," said on.cc's ATung Lee.

In its latest financial statement, iProperty parent company IPGA said gohome.com.hk saw a 99 percent jump in revenue to HKD 3.20 million during the first half of 2010.

Disclosure: CAV Investment Holdings, a related party of Classified Ad Ventures – the owner of propertyportalwatch.com – owns shares in IPGA.

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