Turns to Facebook

places4studentscomlogo, an off-campus housing service for Canada and the US, has announced a partnership with Facebook-based roommate matching service RoomBug.

RoomBug provides three Facebook-based services: RoomBug Campus for on-campus residents, RoomBug Off-Campus for residents of by-the-bed properties, and RoomBug Referral for potential tenants looking to fill their leases before signing. This new partnership means that will offer RoomBug to universities as an integrated solution to facilitate roommate matching.

"Offering a roommate matching service has been something that we have always provided to our clients, however the need has arisen to provide students with more," says CEO Darren Vanecko.

"We find students and their parents taking a very active and comprehensive approach to finding a place to live and with whom to share their home," adds Vanecko. "RoomBug allows students and their parents just this - a venue to search, learn and connect with prospective roommates." says it returns a percentage of the revenue generated by its off-campus housing service to its partner schools. At this stage, the website has over 100 schools signed up.

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