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New Nielsen figures published by show the portal is second in the marketplace with less than half the unique visitor numbers enjoyed by's property section.

While these figures put well in front with 1,066,331 unique visitors for May, they also show's specialist websites, launched only recently, are attracting property seekers.

According to Nielsen, itself saw 354,194 unique visitors in May. The other websites in the top 20 were:

- 10th place, 47,234 visitors
- 13th place, 20,955 visitors
- 16th place, 15,032 visitors
- 19th place, 10,311 visitors points out that "overall audience numbers of some sites represent a much larger audience than is potentially the true target audience, this is especially the case when it comes homes for sale."

"The fact is that a vast amount of property browsing online is not done by serious property seekers," the portal's blog post explains. "This year total house sales will be around 70,000 – let's assume that property seeking takes 3 months, therefore around 25% of that annual total will be searching – let's double it to allow for home and office / partner searching – let's add 50% for good measure – that still only gives us just over 50,000 unique browsers every month who are serious buyers."

"Now do the sums for another category by comparison – say farms – around 2,000 farms sold a year, plus 5,000 lifestyle properties. Against this a monthly audience of 20,000 unique browsers looks pretty realistic to be capturing the core target audience."

Along with its specialist websites, recently launched a new look and feel for its core website, however this was taken down a week later after negative audience feedback. says it currently features over 119,000 properties for sale and rent.


  1. I should point out the reason for the decision to roll back to the former site was not negative feedback, but more to do with technical issues and functionality which we felt needed addressing before launching the new site again later in the year.

  2. “While these figures put well in front with 1,066,331 unique visitors for May”.

    Over a million unique visitors in a month, not too shabby.

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